Bottleless Water Coolers by Culligan Water

Ascent Series Bottleless Water Cooler

Experience the advantages of having an office water cooler without the inconvenience of managing bottle deliveries or finding storage space for those cumbersome bottles. With touchless activation, you can relish in pure water and tastier coffee while also benefiting from hygienic, germ-free surfaces.

Peak Combination Ice Maker & Water Dispenser

The Peak Combination Bottleless Water Cooler and Ice Maker is a highly convenient water cooler suitable for both home and office use. This versatile cooler offers options for cold, hot, or room temperature purified drinking water, along with the added benefit of ice dispensing. By connecting directly to your water line, the Peak bottleless water cooler eliminates the need for lifting and storing heavy 5-gallon water bottles. Additionally, its touchless activation feature promotes a more hygienic working environment.
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